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City Beep is a mobile application that lets you find and book events in a simple and fast way.

From now on, in one place, you can book a table in the club, book a spot place for lunch in your favourite restaurant, book a venue for celebration, or maybe book the movie tickets, etc., with just a few clicks.

our features

Our mobile app lets you check all the different events in the city. Log in with Google or Facebook account, and enjoy the event search. You can also mark events that you like, book the place, and we'll keep you updated on what interests you the most.

Search Events

Explore events by categories that interest you.


Save your favourite events and share it with your friends.


Book the event and plan the rest of your day care free.


City Beep will notify you about events that are relevant to you and match your interest.

Online presence

City Beep will provide your online presence through an optimized mobile app and powerful digital functionality of the applications are there to bring all these guests to your site.

Increased visibility

Be seen and allow visitors to find all information about you, as well as the online booking option of your actions.


Select one of our packages and provide up to 50% more new guests.

City Beep Network

City Beep provides you with the option of the registering a large number of events. In order to enrich our database, we invite you to become our partner and present all your events in one place. All of your events will now be a click closer to our and your future users.

Event organisers can rely on us!

In our app you will have an easy access to a panel that allows you to enter events without any troubles. In this way, you can promote all the events that you are organizing, all in one place.

Managing the reservations has never been easier!

A special application is created for partners only, which enables a transparent view of reservations that have been made.

Bee visible on the City Beep application

We want to gather all the events and offers in the country at one place.

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Upon completion of the registration, you get access to the console to create your business profile. After that, you will be able to create the event and offer you want to display on the application.


City Beep gives you the opportunity to look at events, to save those you like the most, and for those you want to attend to book a place.

Why City Beep?

In today's fast paced life, we are surrounded with many opportunities, and preoccupied with daily duties, so it is difficult to follow everything that interests us and keep up with the best social events in the city.

To solve this problem, we have designed an informative application that will let you look at all the events that interest you. Whether it's traveling, theatre, performance, conference, movie premiere, or opening of a new restaurant in the city, you'll have an overview of all of these events in one place in your phone.

Meet our team

Aleksandra Milaković

Business Developer

Lazar Radinović

Software Developer

Iris Damani

Marketing Manager

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Advanced Systems & Technologies


City Beep is there to help you organize your day and create a daily agenda in the right way!

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